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Imports from China to Europe

Transport from China to Europe for the e-commerce sector

Imports from China to Europe

Learn about tried-and-tested processes and service standards. We combine the possibilities of the New Silk Road – a rail freight route between China and Europe, and maritime and air freight. The service is dedicated to entrepreneurs who import goods from the East.

Are you running out of warehouse storage space? Omida Sea And Air S.A. offers a wide range of e-commerce services – operations on the warehouse storage area. Importing goods from China, storage, logistic processes or co-operation with customs agency is our bread and butter! Learn about the advantages of e-fulfilment, which is a complete logistic process! It covers deliveries of semi-finished products, finished products to distribution warehouses, orders management, and purchasing processes PO/SO. In addition, we are in touch with your retail customers. We help with the logistics of returns and complete the necessary documentation. What else can we do for you? Feel free to contact us and receive an individual offer for your enterprise!


Complete freight processes support for
China-Europe e-commerce
Learn about the supply chain phases

Manufacturer in China -> Freight -> Customs agency -> Storage -> Your e-commerce customer

360 degree TSL support for your e-Business

Supply chain designing and planning, quantity and quality verification of accepted goods. Storage in dedicated pallet and shelf locations. We offer picking and preparing goods for shipment under the control of CCTV cameras. We integrate sales with courier companies and on-line shops. We guarantee support for all activities related to returns, product complaints issued by retail customers for both e-commerce and traditional channels. We verify returned goods and perform quality control. In addition, we prepare documents and print-outs needed for shipment. Upon request, we also perform recovery logistics (repairs, warranty controls, disinfection, ironing).


E-commerce need-based
warehouse storage space
Class A warehouse

with additional complementary services


Own customs agency
Professional consulting services
exclusively for e-business

We ensure professional consulting services with regards to tax and customs operations. A team of customs agents with many years of experience. We are permitted to make an entry in the records and a simplified declaration with the possibility of applying Art. 33a of the Act on Vat, and for the application of centralised clearance (AEO).


Our e-commerce
Near Warsaw

Do you need a new warehouse storage space? Keep developing your e-business and use an e-fulfilment service that offers complete support for processes in the warehouse. Acceptance of goods, management of inventory, picking, issuance of goods, and B2C or B2B distribution including deliveries throughout the whole of Europe. Our class A warehouse near Warsaw has 5.500 m2 of area and 12 m of height, and therefore it can accommodate 7200 pallets. In addition, we offer you our experienced team support and developed logistic processes!

Your benefits

Systemisation of deliveries

Scheduled deliveries to the warehouse, internal operations and shipping to customers.

Own customs agency

Accelerated freight of goods.


Preparation of necessary documents, packaging and tapes for shipping to retail customers.

Own general cargo support service

Use our console in China.

Recovery logistics

Warranty control and repairs of goods.

Safety system

24-hour monitoring of goods and data recording available for 30 days.

Why is it a good idea to use
E-commerce services?

  • You can collect goods directly at the warehouse.
  • The area adjusted to current needs of the customer.
  • Integration of WMS system with ERP and the availability of products on e-commerce platforms.
  • We have solutions that are dedicated to various sectors of economy (food, health, beauty, fashion, household appliances and audio/video devices, children products, toys, games, furniture).
  • We can be found at a well-connected junction near Warsaw.
  • Systemisation of semi-finished products and finished products deliveries.
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We invite you to contact us, we will prepare a valuation and advise how to optimize the transport of your cargo.