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New Silk Road

Railway transport from China

Rail transport from China to Europe

Omida Sea And Air S.A. has its own LCL services from China to Poland, offering connections with all industrialised regions.

Rail transport is an alternative to sea and air services; therefore, its popularity is growing. Transport on the New Silk Road significantly reduces shipping times from China compared to sea transport. Compared to air transport, rail transshipment is much cheaper. This solution is also very popular for environmental reasons (low greenhouse gas emission).

We are currently working with several rail agents in China, which gives us flexibility and the ability to adjust to our clients’ needs when selecting the right service, date and exit terminal. We have our own weekly consoles from Xi’an and Chengdu terminals. The location of our deconsolidation warehouse in central Poland allows us to handle deliveries throughout Poland just one day after customs clearance.

Our LCL Services

We give our clients the opportunity to collect consignments from anywhere in China. Every week, our consoles depart from two rail terminals located in central China – Xi’an and Chengdu, from where, after 12-14 days, they arrive at the rail terminal in Małaszewicze. Containers are deconsolidated at our A class warehouse near Warsaw.


Advantages of rail transport from China:

  • strong availability,
  • an alternative to sea and air transport,
  • lower costs compared to air services,
  • shorter transport time compared to sea services,
  • ability to handle FCL & LCL consignments.

Examples of goods delivered by rail from China:

  • electronics,
  • textiles,
  • toys,
  • automotive,
  • components for production,
  • medical articles,
  • construction materials.

The New Silk Road route is most frequently used in the following sectors:

  • electronics,
  • furniture,
  • medical,
  • automotive,
  • industrial.

Rail transport from China – the New Silk Road

The name of today’s network of connections refers to the historical Silk Road and is known as “One Belt One Road”, “The Belt and Road Initiative” or the “New Silk Road”. The New Silk Road is a complete network of routes. The “Belt” road is meant to connect China with Central Asia and Europe, while the sea “Route” is a connection between the Far East and Middle East and Africa. The strategy for the formation of the route assumes the construction of new communication and trade routes as well as infrastructure investments in the countries located along the route.

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