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OMIDA Sea & Air

Insurance of goods in transport is a very important part of running a safe business.

The cargo insurance we offer is addressed to all entrepreneurs, using any type of transport.

The purpose of the insurance is to protect the financial interests of the goods’ owner in case of damage.

By paying a low insurance premium, importers and exporters gain the possibility to recover their money in case of loss or damage of goods during transport.

Subject of insurance

The subject of the insurance is cargo transported by sea, air, rail and road in domestic and international transport.


Widest range of protection

We offer the widest range of ICC (A) insurance cover.


Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance ensures protection of the transported cargo along the entire route of the service, i.e. from the moment of the cargo’s shipment until its delivery at the place of destination (including during reloading operations, possible inspections and during storage).

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