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Small is attractive!

OMIDA Sea & Air

Many customers of Omida Sea and Air are more willing to import smaller batches than whole containers.

For years we have been serving them with our knowledge and experience in planning cargo space and transport routes.

On this basis we prepare a freight offer for the transport of package cargo from the shipper's warehouses to the place of delivery indicated by our client.

ZWe provide efficient customs and documentation service both in the country of sending and receiving.


Multimodal sea-air solution

In the field of General Sea Transport we provide a multimodal Sea & Air solution for transporting cargo from Asian countries through Dubai and the Jebel Ali duty-free zone to Poland and other European countries.

Time savings

We save you time! We deal with all formalities related to the consolidation of package shipments, port and customs services. We can organize the inspection of goods and reloading.


Why is it worth it?

  • Thanks to our internal Customs Agency we ensure fast and efficient customs clearance of goods in import and export.
  • We offer our customers the widest range of cargo insurance policies.
  • In case of receiving a door-to-door transport order we provide full service of general cargo through the entire transport route.
  • We provide a comprehensive warehouse service in seaports.

Questions & Answers


What does the abbreviation LCL mean?

Less than Container Load (LCL) – refers to general or package shipments that use only part of the cargo space of a container. The advantage of this form of transport is freight calculated on the actual volume (cubic meter) or weight (tonne) of goods.

What is the minimum cargo size?

There is no lower limit to the size of the cargo to be handled.

What is consolidation of shipments?

Consolidation consists in combining several smaller shipments, among others from different consigners for different recipients, in one container transported on the same route. Such shipments are also called part-container or groupage shipments.

In which countries do you provide service?

Thanks to our extensive network of agents, we provide our services all over the world.

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