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Safe and fast transport of your shipments

OMIDA Sea & Air

Airfreight is an ideal choice for all companies that require short delivery times.

We particularly recommend using this form of transport for high value or time-sensitive cargo.

At Omida Sea and Air we make sure that shipments are delivered expressly, while also ensuring their full security along the entire service route.

Intermodal solutions

We provide intermodal solutions combining the speed of air transport with attractive ocean freight prices. Consignments are shipped from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Shenzhen seaports to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and then transported by plane to Frankfurt am Main.


Widest range of cargo insurance

We offer the widest range of cargo insurance, ensuring protection of cargo along the entire route of transport, including loading, unloading and storage.


Why is it worth it?

  • We offer transport services on a "door-to-door", "door-airport", "airport-door", or "airport-airport” basis.
  • We provide comprehensive service in airports around the world.
  • We cooperate with all major airlines.
  • As part of air transport, we offer efficient and fast customs service for export, import and transit of goods.

Questions & Answers


What documents are needed to order air transport?

The standard documents required for air transport are: a commercial invoice for the goods being shipped and a packing list containing basic details of the sender and recipient as well as information on the quantity, weight, dimensions and type of packaging. Sometimes additional documents are needed, for example in the case of transporting dangerous goods or goods subject to specific regulations. In addition, in some countries, recipients require a certificate of origin or other non-standard documents, so it is worth checking before shipment if the recipient has any specific requirements in this respect.

How long does air transport take?

For illustration, airport-to-airport time alone for intercontinental shipments is about 1 day for direct flights (from Poland this is available only to a few airports outside Europe), about 2 days for express services, about 3-4 days for standard services and around 5-7 days for economy services. The above mentioned approximate transport times do not include the time needed to receive the shipment, export clearance, security control and waiting for loading in the exporter's country, as well as for airport operations, import clearance and delivery to door in the importer's country.

What are the maximum dimensions and weight of cargo that can be transported by air?

The maximum dimensions and weight of cargo that can be accepted by the airline depend on the types of aircraft used on the route. Most flights between the world's major airports are served by wide-bodied aircraft, the main limitation of which is the size of the air pallet and the height of the cargo hold. Most often it can be assumed that the cargo on a standard air pallet with dimensions of 317 x 223 cm and a height of 75 cm on European routes, is 160 cm on transatlantic routes and 220 cm in cargo planes. Therefore, in many cases we check with the airlines whether they will accept the goods on a given route.

Is it possible to transport cargo by air at a controlled temperature?

It is possible; carriage of goods in controlled temperature can be done in multiple ways:

  • The so-called passive service, which is a service where the airline commits itself to transport goods at a temperature between +15 and +25℃, and to store the goods at airport terminals during reloading within this temperature range.
  • In an airborne refrigerated container, guaranteeing temperatures from +2 to +8℃
  • By means of isothermal packages, sometimes filled with dry ice, providing the required temperature over a certain period of time.

Appropriate selection of service depends on the type of goods and the required temperature, the transport route and the services available on it, as well as the possibility of preparing goods for transport by the exporter.

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