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OMIDA Sea & Air

Warehousing services are an increasingly important part of our logistics solutions.

We specialize in storing cargo in warehouses located near port and inland terminals in Poland..

Additionally, we assist our Clients if they are interested in using warehouses located on the most important transport routes.

This is an excellent solution for both importers and exporters who need, among others, short- or long-term storage, as well as consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo.

We offer additional services

We provide a wide range of additional services such as: handling and deconsolidation, foiling, banding, labelling and weighing of goods.


We manage the supply chain

We organize comprehensive customs services in warehouses with customs supervision.


Comprehensive Customs Service

We organize comprehensive customs services in warehouses with customs supervision.


Well-connected warehouses

Well-connected warehouses located in the vicinity of terminals and major transport routes.


Questions & Answers


Do you provide food storage services?

Yes, we have many years of experience in the logistics and warehousing of food and perishable goods.

Do you provide the service of cargo distribution from the warehouse?

As part of comprehensive logistics service we also provide cargo distribution services in Poland.

I want to send goods by container, but my shippers are in different parts of the country; are you able to organize such a service?

Our experts will take care of the transport of cargo from multiple shippers to our warehouse, where it will be consolidated and safely stowed in a container.

Does cargo insurance also cover storage operations?

When purchasing cargo insurance, customers are protected along the entire supply chain, also in the warehouse.

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