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OMIDA Sea And Air - Air Charter

We offer tailor-made solutions based on a partial charter up to full aircraft load. We offer all types of aircrafts, including Antonov 225.

A strong relationship with key air freight carriers and handling agents make our solutions the most cost-effective on the market.

Dedicated charter experts available 24/7 offer worldwide coverage with up-to-date tracking. Our team can handle any commodity with no size and weight limitations to meet tight delivery deadlines.

Onboard courier

When cargo needs personal assistance we offer professional door-to-door onboard courier solutionswe offer professional door-to-door onboard courier solutions. Our team ensures full security for the shipment with the fastest border crossing and customs clearance time.

We always plan the fastest and safest route for expedited shipment.

Your package will be accompanied and guarded, from the point of pick up to the final delivery place.

Access to the global network of couriers, compliance with the airlines' luggage policy, and know-how helps us to move your shipment anywhere in the world.

Our onboard courier service helps to avoid any obstacles including tight connections at the airports, customs holdups, and documentation issues.


Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out service allows us to ship every package in the shortest possible timeframes.

NFO service is the best option for time-sensitive loads where every second counts.

It is dedicated to the critical part where replacement shipment is needed straight away.

Our team offers the fastest and the most reliable solution with the first possible flight.


Aircraft On Ground

Aircraft On Ground is one of our most special services.

We offer our customers and aviation partners the highest level of service in this demanding sector.

Our team fully understands the requirements of customers and helps them to reduce technical delays. We know exactly what to do when a crucial aircraft part is needed to cut down the time of grounded aircraft.

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We invite you to contact us, we will prepare a valuation and advise how to optimize the transport of your cargo.