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Lots of cargo, little paperwork!

OMIDA Sea & Air

For years, OMIDA Sea & Air has specialized in container and package transportation by sea.

We offer transport of containerized goods on a door-to-door basis. In this manner we provide a comprehensive service from the moment of collecting cargo from the sender to the moment of delivering it to the recipient.

Such a transport model is an exceptionally convenient solution for the customer, as it relieves him of the need to deal with many burdensome formalities.

Our professional team deals with comprehensive import and export service to Poland as well as transport of cross-trade containers between other countries.

We deal with all activities related to port and customs services, organization of phyto-sanitary or veterinary tests, inspection of goods and reloading.

Thanks to a proven network of foreign agents and many years of cooperation with the largest ocean lines, we offer our Clients cargo handling services all over the world.

Full warehousing service

We provide full warehousing services in seaports and inland, also for cargo under customs procedures.


Our own customs agency

Our own Customs Agency provides a competent and efficient customs clearance service for imports and exports. Many of our clients use the simplified procedure in accordance with customs law and the content of the signed contract. We also offer non-cash settlement of VAT in import.


Professional support

We provide our clients with professional support, representing them before state institutions such as: SANEPID, PIORIN, WIJHARS and others, with regard to documentation necessary for customs clearance.


Why is it worth it?

  • Thanks to knowledge of the market, negotiation skills, contracts signed with ship-owners or foreign partners, we offer our Clients a competitive level of sea freight rates.
  • We have many years of experience in handling food cargo and goods requiring transport in reefer refrigerated containers.
  • Based on long-term cooperation with proven road and rail carriers, we present our customers with the most advantageous option of land transport.
  • We take care of cargo safety - we offer the widest range of cargo policies, thanks to which the goods are insured along the entire transport route from the moment of passing the risk to the insured, as well as during loading, unloading and storage.

Questions & Answers


What kind of cargo do you handle?

We handle all types of cargo: full container loads (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL), goods requiring temperature-controlled containers (reefers), as well as unconventional, oversized and dangerous cargo.

In which countries do you provide services?

Thanks to an extensive network of agents we provide services all over the world.

This is my first transport; where do I start?

Our specialists will provide professional advice and propose the most advantageous solutions, prepare the necessary authorisations and an estimate for the transport of your goods.

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We invite you to contact us, we will prepare a valuation and advise how to optimize the transport of your cargo.